It Didn’t Work In Elementary School

Wednesday, 17 August 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

We all knew a kid in elementary school who asked us for something we had (money, part of our lunch), and we said no (we liked having money and eating our lunch!). Some kids’ response to that "no" would be the offer of being your best friend. Pretty odd psychologically if you think about it now! They must have been awfully grateful for that 25 cents!

Some kids took another approach. When you said no, they made a threat or told you you were ugly or a loser. Did you ever notice how much LESS you then wanted to give them money or your cupcake? This may not be the future codependent kid who wanted to be your best friend, but this is also another interesting psychological study.

Where this gets more interesting is when a full-grown adult with what many would consider a good job does the same thing as kid #2. We know of an item that got taken off of eBay for a bogus reason (not eBay’s fault – someone lied to them). Everybody’s trying to get the auction put back up, which is the right thing, but something interesting got thrown into the mix. Someone representing the people who own the item that was up for sale has become so belligerent over the auction coming down that it feels like elementary school again.

He has spoken abusively to everybody who could possibly HELP him. He has threatened to ruin everybody involved with the power of bad press that he would generate. Evidently, he’s not afraid of being sued for slander or business interference. For some reason, he was unable to be patient and understanding that MANY people around the country were working on getting his auction back on eBay.

If this guy were not in the mix, I would be very confident that eBay would see that the reason the auction got taken down were fake. I would think that once some people had some discussions, it would go back up. However, with this guy calling and emailing threats, demands, and ridiculous language, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if eBay wants nothing to do with him and refuses to allow his item back on eBay. eBay doesn’t need to be threatened, and eBay doesn’t need anybody on a bad press mission, but that’s not going to make them kiss his butt. If the item goes back on eBay, it’ll be despite this guy and how he has treated everybody he could get his hands on.

He’s bad marketing for himself primarily and the company for whom he works secondarily. It didn’t work in elementary school. Why should it work among adults trying to do business?

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