It’s All About the Attitude

Tuesday, 15 July 2008 at 1:27 pm Pacific USA Time.

Every day, e-commerce merchants are faced with demanding customers.  Most customers are demanding within reason; "help me with product x?", "where is my package?", and "have you processed my return?" are common questions that merchants must deal with.  And of course, we all know that customers do get unreasonable now and then, for example, by demanding a refund while demanding to keep the product they purchased.

But every demanding customer – no matter how nice or how frustrating they may be – is actually an opportunity.  Merchants have the chance to really "wow" the customer with friendly, personal service; with a timely response to their inquiry; and by completely exceeding the customer’s expectations.  When merchants get this right, they not only make one customer happy, but they often gain a customer for life, and/or gain that most precious of all marketing treasures: word of mouth advertising.

Think about your own experiences.  When have you been a demanding customer, and somebody really wowed you with great service?  Didn’t you mention that great experience to at least one or two friends? If you’re an e-commerce merchant, don’t you want to be THAT COMPANY that will get talked about in such a positive way?

So, when it comes to those demanding customers, we all have a choice.  We can choose to get frustrated, annoyed, or upset with them (and it’s understandable when we do).  But we can also choose to look at them as a positive challenge with the potential for a big reward at the end.  Because the bottom line is that providing great customer service comes down to one thing – it’s all about the attitude.

Have a great day,

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