“Judging Taste”

Tuesday, 26 December 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

When I downloaded the new version of Skype, it promoted a service called Bitwine. Odd name, but I thought it looked interesting. They seemed to be trying to get experts to join their system. The experts can put in their info, and then offer to talk to people (over Skype) where Bitwine tracks the length of the call. If the expert is charging for their advice or help through the Bitwine system, Bitwine bills the person. You can see how it makes sense for experts wanting to offer help. Using Skype makes sense too.

Unfortunately, this model works for something else where people might like to be paid by the minute, might want to talk to others, and may even want to turn on a web camera. Getting my drift yet? Maybe this screen shot will help clear that up.

This is a real profile from Bitwine. For $1.99 per minute ($119.40 per hour, should you stay on that long), this woman, will, well, who can say what she’ll really be doing. We have words like sensual, arousal, fantasties, eroticism, passion, seductions, and sex. We’re offered senses ignited through visuals. She’s got a web cam and microphone (we know that from her profile). I’m guessing she won’t be discussing the latest book she read.

Bitwine’s slogan is "Trusted Advice from Real People." So I emailed them asking if this is what they want on their site. I’m SURE they could make a lot of money offering sex chat/video by the minute. And I’m sure they could do well offering expert help by the minute. But they need to pick ONE. I don’t think they can be a trusted expert site AND a pay per minute for sex something at the same time.

I sent them this person’s profile URL, and suggested that the woman was not in a business suit, and I wasn’t sure if this was the "trusted advice" they wanted to give. I got back an email that said that she wasn’t breaching the terms and conditions, which they pasted into the email for me. These included that you may not use Bitwine for "pornography (including any obscene material, and anything depicting children in sexually suggestive situations whether or not depicting actual children)." Evidently, the woman in the above profile is not going to say or do anything anyone might find obscene or pornographic.

When I wrote back pushing the issue, the reply was, "I hope we are not judging people clothing and taste here. I am sure you agree it is not our place." I guess it’s not in Bitwine’s place to have to make a judgment on if anybody is violating their terms and conditions. I suggested that without using anything that says they’re Bitwine, they should place a call to her and see what "services" are available.

Silly me. I was judging her clothing taste (according to Bitwine). I’ll have to get a low cut top and hot pants for my eBay consulting.

So far, the only people who called me through Bitwine were Romanians who "wanted to meet friends, please talk." I think I’ll be removing myself from their system. Anybody who wants to find an eBay expert will have to find me the usual ways. :)

Another good idea that will probably go way out either in the pursuit of the money certain industries bring OR because nobody wants to enforce the terms of service. Perhaps to a startup, any usage is good usage. But I disagree. They were hoping I’d plug them in my blog, so here’s that plug. Use Bitwine.com if you want pay to "talk" to an "expert."

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2 Responses to ““Judging Taste””

  1. Nony says:

    I am not sure what you have against sex, or why you think sex advice can not be trusted. Not sure if you heard about Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Safer Sex (Mass Market Paperback) on Amazon.com.
    As a work from home mom, I am looking at BitWine as a viable option which I find very appealing, and I am going to start after I finish the new year mom work. BitWine have more than 2700 Advisors so far (just press the Go button), when you search the word sex you get a list of 36 advisors, out of which some are doctors some are spiritual advisors for “love and sex”, some are life coaches, all legit in my book.
    I could not find another one Advisor as explicit (in words) as Ebonatress and even she is decently clothed and use acceptable language.
    Percentage wise, One out of 2700 experts is less than 0.05% In my dictionary BitWine is safer than any other site on the net, including yahoo, ebay, Google, Myspace and what not.
    Please get your facts correctly before jumping to conclusions, it’s Christmas after all.
    As a free advice to you, try to set an appointment with Dr. Cliff Heegel, also at BitWine http://www.bitwine.com/users/5327_cliff_heegel maybe he can help you get over your latent aggressions. 1991 Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Indiana State U. 1986 M.Ed. Counseling, Boston University Licensed Psychologist, Tennessee, USA Health Service Provider he deals among other things with sexual trauma and sexual abuse.

  2. Debbie says:

    Sex is fantastic. I’m well for it. Sex advice from a trusted source like Dr. Ruth is very important, and I’m for that as well. I think you REALLY missed what I was saying in this post.
    My problem with Bitwine was that there is trusted advice and there is porn/paying for dirty talk/paying for webcam sex, whatever you want to call it. Someone talking dirty to me while I’m wanking at my computer is not trusted advice from an expert. I think most people would call that porn or obscene, and that’s different than the fantastic sex I get to experience in real life with someone who’s there with me and connected to me. :) I am not saying that everybody on Bitwine is a hornball with no qualifications. I think you made up a lot of what you held against my post, so you may want to look at your own aggression.
    I was also concerned with the response I got from Bitwine. It may be three out of 2700 right now, but if those three are accepted in the system, then word gets around that this is the site you use to charge per minute for whatever “services” you might be offering through Skype. If the Bitwine people had replied that they didn’t want people doing erotic visuals with Bitwine, I would have had more respect for what I thought Bitwine was trying to do. But they said this woman was well within their terms of service, even though their service says no porn, and then like you just attempted to put me down personally. I think that’s a common distraction technique for when you have no argument, but you can check with Dr. Cliff on that. :)
    If Bitwine lets people do webcam sex or whatever you want to call it, I think their service and reputation will go with that, and it WON’T be trusted advice from experts. I can tell the difference between a licensed psychologist and a woman like I showed here. I doubt Dr. Cliff would put a picture of himself on Bitwine in a Speedo or thong. :) The way the woman dressed tells me something about what kinds of services she migth be offering.
    Of course in writing all this again, I’m assuming you’re interested in my clarification. I’m really just reiterating what I said in my post. But to say something new, if you are an expert in something and Bitwine works for you, I completely support that. If Bitwine turns into a pay-per-minute-for-porn site and the owners get rich, then congrats to them for a model that works. I can only say that the points I was making in my post were lost on you, and I can only suggest that you re-read my original post without your prejudices and assumptions that I am against sex or need counselling for sexual abuse.