Keep Promises You Made To Yourself

Saturday, 11 September 2010 at 8:42 am Pacific USA Time.

I thought I was ready to talk about this, and I'm not. So I'll just speak generally.

Somewhere along the road, you made promises to yourself… promises to be loved, promises to get things done, promises to stay away from negative stuff. Please keep them. Don't delay. Nobody looks back and is glad they put that off or broke that promise to themselves. We're all kicking ourselves and asking where all those years went.

If you are in a relationship where you do not feel loved or you are not being loved, please get out of it. I don't care where you go next. Go somewhere comfortable to re-think everything. I have made serious mistakes that still upset me. I stayed in relationships past breaking points, past promises I made to myself that I'd go if he ever ______.

Love is a good feeling. It's about hearts singing when you talk. There is a feeling that is hard to describe, but it's the feeling when you are interacting with someone who is truly a good match to you. It's like lightning running around your body. It's like your nervous system lighting up like a pinball machine. It's a field of butterflies taking off in flight. It's a passion and connection I just can't describe. It should feel something like that.

I have new, higher standards for relationships. It might be time to create a new standard for yourself. When's the last time you thought about what love is and should be? How it should feel? How do you want to be treated? And how can this all be effortless? That's the key word. We can all twist into pretzels to try to make each other happy. But it is most honest, loving, and passionate when that good connection is effortless. The right guy for me doesn't have to say, do, not say, or not do certain things for me to be happy. Who he naturally is will just blend perfectly with who I naturally am, and we won't need rules, lists, boxes, and all that "trying."

Promise yourself to pursue those good feelings, and then do it. We're all running out of time. Life is shorter than you think, and we're not getting younger. They say, don't postpone joy. I also think people need to understand what joy is and how it feels. You will know it when you feel it, and it may not be what you've been feeling and incorrectly calling joy or love.

I can't undo the times I broke promises to myself. I wish I could because there are a few for which I can't forgive myself. But I can make the decision now to pursue positive and loving experiences that are fulfilling. The decision is nice, but then I have to do it. I have my plan, and I'm following through on it. Make your plan, write it down, and follow through on it.

Don't just promise. Act. Don't accept the promises of others. Look for action. Look for true and honest action coming from a place of love. Desperate acts coming from a place of fear are just not the same. Some parents mistake a child fearing them for "respect." Some spouses mistake acts of desperation and fear for "love." I wish everyone the clarity to know the difference. :)

For those of you who think I'm writing this blog post to JUST YOU, it's for you… and myself… and dozens of other people I know… and hundreds of strangers who were meant to find this.

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