Last Chance to Get 2007 Pricing

Friday, 30 November 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

We’re in the last weeks of 2007, and I wanted to remind people that we’re raising most of our prices on 1 January 2008. If you want to contract any work with us, you’ll want to do that during December, when you can still get this year’s prices.

If you want to wait until early 2008 for us to start the project, that’s fine. As long as you sign the contract and pay the 50% of your contract amount before or on 31 December 2007, we’ll honour the prices in your contract.

So as you’re starting to wrap up your holiday season eBay sales, and thinking about how you can improve, grow, be more profitable, and compete more strongly, think of us while you can still get 2007 prices!

If you want more help from more companies than just us, look at registering for our conference for eBay sellers.

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