Make Your Customers Buy More

Friday, 20 May 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

What the smallest unit of pizza you can buy? The slice. For the most part, you can’t buy half a slice or a fraction of a slice. You can buy a bunch of slices or even a pie, but the slice would be the least you could buy.

How do you get people to buy more pizza from you? I found out today when visiting Mama’s on Magee (in Tucson, AZ). I ordered a plain cheese slice, and it was $4.03 with tax. I was surprised… in NY, I paid around that but for a "specialty" slice (chicken marsala pizza, taco pizza, grilled veggie pizza).

Then I saw it. It’s huge. It’s at least the size of two pieces of pizza, I was thinking to myself as it was served to me across two paper plates, and now that I’ve done the math, I can tell you it is. I estimate that a typical slice is 1/8 of a 16" pie. That means it’s 8" long and the crust goes around 6.28". This was 1/8 of a 24" "family" pie, so it was 12" long and 9.42" around the crust. Yes, I calculated the area. Typical slices are 25.12 sq. in. This monster slice was 56.52 sq. in., so I was getting more than twice the pizza. The good news is that even out here in Arizona, they came very close to the taste of a NY pizza.

This is genius. Why? Because you can’t buy half a slice and get the amount of food you’re used to getting. One slice is now two slices, and you’ve paid for it even if you don’t finish it. I bet it doesn’t cost them twice to make it. Plus, if you’re eating that much pizza, you may need more to drink! Ring up those sodas, which are nearly pure profit.

A pizza place found a clever way to get you to buy more, and the slice is so wacky you’re likely to tell everybody about it, thereby spreading the marketing buzz for free. What can you do in your business to get people to buy more and then tell their friends about it?

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