Making eBay’s View Item Page More Useful

Wednesday, 8 April 2009 at 6:15 am Pacific USA Time.

Some of you know my current hobby is trying to improve eBay usability. I want to see View Item pages that make shoppers trust buyers, leave shoppers with no doubts or questions, show them the info they need to know without them having to hunt for it, and make the sale!

I previously toyed with putting more details at the top rather than hiding them at the bottom or behind tabs. This time, I decided to do something really innovative to try to make shopping on eBay easier.

My idea this time is to have a bar at the bottom that carries the most important info so that:

  1. People don't miss it.
  2. Bidding/Buying It Now is never too far away. People hate scrolling. :)

Click this for a real page you can scroll around and experience:


The "bar" at the bottom stays there the whole time, even as people scroll. I can link things in there to different parts of the page. I linked the seller's name to her feedback and DSR record from her feedback page. It'll pop up right on that screen so you don't have to leave the shopping experience to check her out. :)

You might disagree with what info I've put, what colours I used, or how I laid it out… but that's why this is a mockup, a wireframe, an idea. In theory, I'd have a team of people at eBay who'd bounce the idea around, and we'd make it much better. Then we'd test it on focus groups, and test it more, and test it against other things. Then, we might let it run on the site a bit to see if it's more likely to make this item sell, how quickly, and for an auction, for a higher price.

So if eBay does something like this, I'll be taking credit for it since I haven't seen any wireframes or mockups offering this type of concept before mine. I also have piles of ideas for how a technique like this could be used around different eBay pages. Imagine if something like this reminded people to pay for something they won when 2 days have gone by, and they didn't pay yet. Imagine what we can PUSH to people as they move around the site to make using the site easier, faster, more obvious, and better for buyers and sellers.

What do you think of an idea like this? Do you think it would help shoppers and drive sales? How can it be improved? Thanks. :)

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