Making Sense of This Oil Spill

Wednesday, 2 June 2010 at 5:01 am Pacific USA Time.

OK, I can't make sense of this oil spill. One of my specialties is understanding potential outcomes, having a zillion plan B's, and trying to guide situations to the best outcomes.

I don't know poop about oil rigs, but I do not understand how this company didn't have documentation on 12 things they can do ASAP if a rig fails or explodes. Or 10 things that'll stop a line from leaking under water if it ruptures.

When I see TV reports, I feel like BP is guessing. Throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks. I also can't believe it's taking them over a month to try things.

The USA has a lot of great engineering universities. There have to be experienced oil people, professors, and students who have ideas on how to fix this. CNN had some people on a few days ago, and they were showing their ideas for improving this situation. Where are our great thinkers and engineers?

Some people are saying Obama needs to do more. I don't remember the government stepping in on other business-caused disasters. When is the last time the government was sent in because a factory was on fire?

Either you believe the government should have their fingers in everything, or you believe the government should stay out of the situations caused by private businesses. I do not want to hear conservatives blame Obama for not doing more while every other day saying they want government out of private businesses! Pick one!

I think that if the government can help, we should, but we should charge BP for the fix. If a private person or engineer comes up with the fix, BP should super pay them millions.

I can't really make sense of this whole situation. I don't understand how these people didn't have a pile of effective contingency plans in place. Consultants of the world, solicit BP. :) They need contingency plans!

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Categories: Just An Observation

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2 Responses to “Making Sense of This Oil Spill”

  1. Hubble says:

    “When is the last time the government was sent in because a factory was on fire? ”
    The fire department is sent every time a factory is on fire. It is a public service becuase it can affect the whole community. Nobody expects Obama to suck up with oil with his superhuman breath, but they do expect him to clear legal and international hurdles that allow stuff to get done. As an example, the Dutch were not permitted to use their skimmers because of an isolationist law passed in the 1920s that prohibitted international vessels from operating in our waters. Obama could have repealed the law but didn’t.
    I’m not defending BP, but they did have a contingency plan, and part of that was to burn off the oil, but they were not permitted to because the environmentalists needed to do a impact study first. These are the things they want Obama to cut through, but his experience as a litigator isn’t helping him when things actually need to get done.

  2. Well it’s the fire department’s job to put out a fire.
    I am not sure what our government is supposed to do to clean up a corporate pollution issue. And if our government is supposed to do something, then where is the government in every factory fire or chemical spill or something like that?!