Maori Pronunciation for New Yawkers

Monday, 20 February 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Maori is the language of native New Zealanders. The language is of Polynesian descent, so it’s similar to Hawaiian and Tahitian. I was looking up some words and wanted to find out more about proper pronunciation. I found something I never expected to find.

Or say "bring," and, if you are from Long Island, pretend that you are not.

Tips for Long Islanders. That’s where I grew up, and I’m not sure that people with the LI accent can pretend they don’t have it. But I see the author’s point. A Long Islander, who will say "LongIslander" as one word with the G going right into the I, would probably say "brinGUH" for "bring." The "ng" in Maori is not pronounced like that at all. Meanwhile, the Long Islander is not likely to understand what the guy means about pretending you’re not.

So a lovely, interesting, and very specific tip for a few million people trying to pronounce Maori. Love it.

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