MLM Madness

Friday, 21 March 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I belong to a local business group. It’s just had its second meeting under the new organiser. And so far, it seems that about half the people there are involved in one or more MLM system, which greatly decreases my enjoyment of the event. I don’t want to become an independent executive for (insert MLM system here).

But last night, looking at one of the guys who comes to these things, I thought of something. He showed up with 5 different business cards, each for an MLM system. Oh, he’s a travel agent, a life coach, a Zrii rep, etc… And when it was time for each of us to do our 20-30 second introduction, he mentioned being part of a great opportunity and how you want to get in now, but didn’t even say what it was. He evidently doesn’t want to sell anybody on being his CLIENT… he doesn’t want to book your travel, sell you Zrii, or coach your life. He wants you to be under him in the pyramid.

If MLM promises so much wealth and freedom, as I often hear, why did this guy just add a 5th MLM system this week? Wouldn’t he be rich and busy from the first four? He has time to add a 5th, and he needs the money that could come from the 5th?

I definitely can’t do the MLM thing. I can’t rope friends and strangers into being part of a pyramid. If I like a product, I recommend it. If I get a commission, that’s nice. But I can’t imagine trying to make a living off getting friends and strangers to sign up to sell things I’m also trying to sell.

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