More Kindness (?) From Strangers

Thursday, 23 February 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Last year, we bought tickets to see Dave Chappelle live in our city. We had to use Ticketmaster for the venue, but we bought them when they went on sale, which was around 2 months before the show.

Eventually the tickets came in the mail. They sure were Dave Chappelle tickets, but they weren’t OUR tickets. We were sent tickets for some guy in Illinois, who had bought the expensive seats. We bought general lawn seating, which was the cheapest seats. How many of you would have kept the better seat tickets and let the guy in Illinois work out the problem?

As the tickets print with a sheet that has the name and address of the buyer, we found them in the phone book and called them. We spoke to them, and they had OUR tickets. We agreed to mail each other the tickets. We mailed them their expensive seats right away, so they surely got them in time.

We had to beg for replacement tickets at the show as the people in Illinois didn’t return our kindness… until last week. Yes, I have an envelope postmarked February 13, 2006. Inside is one sheet of paper with "THANKS" hand written on it. Inside were also my tickets for the Chappelle event, which was November 2005.

Yeah, thanks.

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One Response to “More Kindness (?) From Strangers”

  1. Darcy says:

    Whew! That’s just nasty and wrong. I’m floored that anyone would be that inconsiderate…