My Personal Ad

Monday, 22 June 2009 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

In the spirit of humour, here is my personal ad.

Wanted: busy CEO, top level exec, or guy with at least one high-level job that keeps him insanely busy… for tweeting, Skype chats, text messaging, and short phone calls while I walk my dog.

I'm crazy busy and you're really busy. Every time you blink, I've started a company, or taken on more consulting. We both travel a lot, and rarely in the same direction, so I may not see you very often. But you can tell the difference between me being busy and me not caring (I do care!). When we get together, it's laugh-o-rama, and we don't get tired of each other's work stories.

You've got plenty of your own money, plenty of hotel frequent stay points, and plenty of fun ideas about how to spend short weekends away. You'll consider a week in Disney World, FL with me… if we ever take a break from working. OK, we'll bring our laptops to Disney. You don't want to take me bungee jumping, skydiving, or to an S&M club. Ever!

You don't struggle with addictions or the truth. You're incapable of lying, and you'll tell me when my ass looks fat in that. You genuinely like my cooking and my kids (dog and cat). You're low pressure because we're both high stress, and I don't need any distractions. You are attractive and confident, you have great self-awareness, and don't need me to validate you. Oh, and you neither have a criminal record nor a "law enforcement" past, ie: we'll never be in a power struggle. You have a good sense of privacy, and know what not to post to your Facebook profile. I'm a CEO, you know. :)

In your spare time, you like to debate mobile phone platforms and manufacturers, recite Monty Python's Flying Circus Sketches, and think about the future of eCommerce user interface design. I'm a musician, you're a musician. Maybe we don't express that sides of ourselves very often, but they're a big part of us. Let's get out there and be musicians.

You're roughly my age (I was born in 1972), you're male, you're straight, you are free of "social" diseases, and you don't have or want human children. You're not religious. You might be single, and you might be currently unhappily married. You're in no rush for any sort of serious commitment.

And that would be my personal ad.

Added: Yes, I'm looking for perfection. I'm sorry, but you need to match all of this. I shouldn't settle for anything less than the right person for me. :)

Added: You stalkers can just back off. The weirdo in upstate NY, any Brits still holding a grudge, and the psycho Aussie with the criminal record. You don't qualify. So sorry.

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