My SUV is Not The Devil

Thursday, 27 December 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I know there is a lot of talk about SUVs not being green or environmentally friendly. I’m not going to say they are. But I will say this.

My current car is a 2007 Toyota 4Runner, 2WD V6 model. I am getting 23.1 mpg on average across all of my local and highway driving. I mostly drive our local roads, whose speed limits range from 35 to 55.

My previous car was the small and sporty 2005 Scion tC (think Toyota Celica), V4 model. I was getting around 26 mpg across all of my driving.

My sister at one point had a Volvo C70 I think it was, and that was in the late 1990’s. She told me it got around 13 mpg.

When I recently visited Disney World in Florida, they drove me around in a new Cadillac DeVille. It had a readout that said what gas mileage it was getting, and it showed 14.3 mpg.

I’m not sure the SUVs are the biggest problem. It sounds like some of the sedans are worse gas guzzlers than many of the SUVs. So stop demonising me and my SUV.

We do plan to get a second car that is small and very fuel efficient so that we can only use the SUV when we need the seating/cargo room. We’ll do our best. :)

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