My Neighbour Offered Me Snow

Sunday, 31 December 2006 at 12:26 pm Pacific USA Time.

"Want some snow?"

My neighbour just asked me if I wanted snow. This isn’t a drug deal gone public. He actually had snow.

Here in Tucson, most of town never sees snow unless they look up at the mountains. Last week, we had a lot of rain and colder temps, which lead to snow up on the mountain. Families were going up the mountain to play in the snow or ski at Mount Lemmon. My neighbour evidently was one of those families.

And he filled his pickup truck with snow. When I went to walk the dog, he and his family were throwing snowballs… in 65 degrees F in the hot AZ sun. It was quite a sight for an area that doesn’t get snow.

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Categories: Just An Observation

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