NBC News All Day

Monday, 24 September 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Our NBC station has switched to a new programming format I just don’t understand.

5am-7am: Tucson Today, our pre-Today Show local news. Very little happens here, so very often, they are repeating the SAME news every half hour. Just reading the same things again, showing the same interview clips, etc…

7am-11am: The Today Show will now be FOUR hours long. News-er-tainment for half the day.

11am: ?

12pm: Half hour news. I’m sure very little will have happened since the news did their segment during the last hour of The Today Show.

12:30pm: Judge Alex

1pm: Law and Order rerun

2pm: Days of Our LIves

3pm: Dr Phil (at his regular time!)

4pm: News. Yes, they’ve made the 5pm news into the 4pm news. They’re promising that it’ll be full of news and other great information like money tips, parenting tips, and what I guess we can call lifestyle stuff. So it’s Tucson Today at 4pm.

I’m not sure what NBC is thinking, but if I want news and news-er-tainment all day, I can watch CNN, MSNBC, and a few other channels. Is this really what people want to watch during the day? Who is home during the day? Stay-at-home parents, students, and unemployed people mostly I guess. They want more news? I’d think they’d want more fluffy "don’t have to think about it" content like game shows, soap operas, court shows, and Dr Phil stuff.


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