Nominate As Was for an eBay Award!

Monday, 4 May 2009 at 7:31 am Pacific USA Time.

eBay will be giving out its Developer Awards soon, and there is still time to nominate companies you think deserve awards.

That's the page that tells you how to do it. For the nominee's name and contact info, you can use:

As Was
PO Box 68085
Tucson, AZ 85737

eBay knows us, so I think that'll be enough for them to figure out who you mean!

I feel that we should win the awards for the following categories for the following reasons:

  • DSR Rockstar (improving customer service & buyer experience) – Our templates and eBay Stores as well as our strategy help and advice improve sellers' customer service, and definitely improve the shopping and buying experience. Our clients typically see their DSRs raise or stay high after working with us. Just using a piece of software for shipping or answering questions doesn't guarantee that anybody's DSRs will go up, but stick with us, and we'll get you there. :)
  • Most Innovative – That's definitely us! Have you seen anything like our templates? If so, it's because they are copying the original. We are definitely the company to think of when you want a design that is custom, unique, innovative, and will really connect with your target audience. Considering our first eBay client was in early 2001, we wrote the book on eBay design and eBay consulting!
  • Rapid Evolution (boosting seller efficiency in a dynamic marketplace) – Yes, that's us again! Even in a changing marketplace and down economy, many of our clients are still seeing increases in sales and improvements in their businesses. As we finish many projects within 2 months of someone hiring us, we are quickly able to create dramatic changes in eBay businesses. And considering that many clients report sales going up while pre-sales questions and fees go down, we are definitely improving seller efficiency.
  • Early Adopter – Well, this could be us, but I think this category is really designed for the software company that best keeps up with eBay changes. So nominate your favourite eBay software tool for this one!

So please take a moment to email eBay (as per their blog post) and nominate us for one or more categories! Tell them why we deserve to get awards for helping eBay sellers.


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