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Monday, 14 November 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

A few days ago, I was predicting that McDonalds will try to make its items seem healthier by following the industry practice of breaking them into multiple servings. You see that with a can of Chunky soup. Most people will eat the whole can, but if you read the label, it says the can has 2 (or sometimes more) servings. That means multiple all the calories, fat, and other data!

Last night, we took out from Pizzeria Uno. I eat mostly vegetarian now, so I got their Farmers Market small deep dish pizza for one. It has cheese, tomatoes, eggplant, and a few other things. None of that high-calorie meat! Besides, it’s only a little 8" pizza. It’s TINY! They cut it into six pieces that each look slightly larger than a tea bag.

After ordering it, I went to the nutrition part of the website, and found something very interesting. My pizza is considered 1 serving. Well thanks for your honesty! My pizza is 2330 calories.


A diet website I visited earlier this year suggested that if I ate 1330 calories per day and got some exercise, I’d lose 1 pound per week. If i ate closer to 1500-1600 calories, I’d be likely to maintain my weight. So I try to underdo the calories where I can considering I have little time for exercise during our busy season.

If I had eaten that pizza for dinner, I would have had how many calories for the day?!?!? Well, I estimate my breakfast at around 500 cal. I had a 120 cal snack. My lunch was around 300 cal. I was being good! :) So I ate 2 of the six pieces for a 777 cal dinner. I could have one piece for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. That’d be a good calorie day, but I think I would have eaten maybe 8 ounces of food. :)

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