Online Dating For The Psychic

Thursday, 20 May 2010 at 5:03 am Pacific USA Time.

One interesting thing I notice on online dating sites is that a lot of guys only want to talk to or date someone who lives right near them.

It would be very cool to have the psychic power to know the home airport of my soul mate! I think he could be anywhere. He's probably somewhere in the USA. Hey I could be wrong! He could be somewhere else. But having a 3000-mile radius gives me a lot of potential guys to meet… friends or otherwise.

I can't imagine believing that my soul mate lives within 30 miles from me… and somehow, I've never met him. All the places I've gone. All the cool things I've done. Things he would be doing too, right here in town. I've lived here years, and still haven't met him.

Yeah, I think he probably doesn't live here. Extra good luck to the people who only want local people. I understand why they would want local people. The thing I don't get is when they email me to back say WOW, they loved my profile, I seem really cool, and we seem to have a lot in common… but goodbye and good luck because you don't live in my back yard.


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Categories: Just An Observation

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5 Responses to “Online Dating For The Psychic”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Long distance relationships are incredibly hard and for various reasons, I don’t know if I could consider having one again. I’d probably give myself a couple of years of hardcore dating in Fresno before widening my area of search. People come and go, break up and get divorced all the time, so the pool of eligible partners isn’t static.

  2. Jennfer says:

    I thought of another issue: if you meet Mr. Soul Mate and he lives in another part of the country, would you be willing to move for him? I know you love Tucson, but would you leave it for a guy? I don’t know if I’d be willing to leave Fresno or California, so that’s another reason why my search (when I start it) will be restricted to my home area.

  3. Jen, you are WAY ahead of yerself here! Firstly, moving in with a guy is a while down the road. Second, who said I have to move to be near him? Maybe he will want to move to Tucson.
    The right guy for me is probably a musician… or touring guy… or designer… or entrepreneur. He might be able to do his thing from anywhere.
    I plan to buy a house here, and I will NEVER again move away for a guy. I REGRET pretty much all of 2009 (and most of 2008).

  4. Jennfer says:

    Fair enough! Just make sure you let them know that you will not move from Tucson right from the get-go. Otherwise, if you’re casting your net over thousands of miles, I think it’s only fair to be open to the idea of moving for him.

  5. Jen, right now, I’m in the biz of making new friends. If anything looks like it’s going beyond friends, I promise I will let them know the big things. No kids, no religion, and 98% chance that I wouldn’t move anywhere. I could see myself spending PART of the year somewhere else, but not a full move totally away.