Open Job: Bench Jeweler in North Carolina (please share/RT)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010 at 6:13 am Pacific USA Time.

It takes a village, so please share this as much as you can. Ripple it out to everybody you know so that we can get this job filled.

One of my clients is a very busy jeweler in Franklin, NC. He's often on the eBay Daily Deal, and he makes every piece by hand from his molds. He needs a bench jeweler ASAP. If you are anywhere in the area, and looking for work, please contact him by turning the following into a real email address:

sylvarocks AT aol DOT com

Again, please retweet this, post to Facebook, put this everywhere. There has to be someone who fits this and is near his location. Let's make this happen! Thanks for your help.

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