Open Jobs at As Was

Thursday, 26 June 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Hey, readers. We have a bunch of open jobs. You can check them out at Here are some highlights.

Creative Director – this person is like an art director and project manager. You will manage the template design process, so you need to be awesome with design, ideas, and communication.

Customer Support – this person will perform some behind-the-scenes Photoshop and HTML work for our team. You’ll also answer support tickets and make the easier changes that clients need… like the person freaking out about his template because his sales tax changed. :)

Account Manager – this is like the Customer Support person, but is the seller’s main contact at our company, and the centre of the long-term relationship. So it’s HTML and CSS with Photoshop, but’s also really knowing eBay and being able to advise people.

Artist – we’re always looking for excellent artists who would like to work on our projects. We often have a hard time finding the right people since we need you to be really creative and work well in multiple styles. This is not the type of job where we tell you exactly what to put where, and you are just a robot. :)

Get to know these jobs by reading their full descriptions, and then apply today since we are ready to hire!

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