Our New Live Call-In Radio Show

Monday, 27 August 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

We now have a live, call-in, internet radio show that we will do every Thursday at 11am west coast time, 2pm on the east coast. The system we use only lets us schedule 4 weeks in advance, so here are our first three scheduled shows:

6 Sept: Intervew with Marcia Cooper & Harvey Levine
Marcia &
Harvey are Education Specialists Trained by eBay. They’ll be discussing
the EdSpec program, what it means that Marcia is a Certified EdSpec,
and their upcoming classes. Call in to ask them or your hostess your
eBay selling and buying questions!

13 Sept: Designing Your eBay Store
Get tips on what to consider when designing your eBay Store. Call in to have your Store reviewed live, and your questions answered!

20 Sept: Using Blogs to Get the Word Out
How blogging can improve your eBay sales. Call in to have your questions answerwed.

All shows allow you to call in LIVE to say what you want or have us answer your question. So put these in your calendar, and visit our radio show page for archives, the upcoming schedule, and the links to listen live.


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