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Friday, 21 December 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Tucson, AZ is a "small market." We are not a big city with the big city news people. We have about a million people spread out over around 900 square miles (the greater Tucson area-ish). Many areas are rural, lots of ranches, and we’re on wildlife’s territory for sure.

But I like that. I love it, in fact. But with it goes the "drama" that local news needs to show people. Back in NY, every half hour and hour of news all through the morning and evening had mostly new info. Plenty of crimes to report, all kinds of negativity and drama. Here, our 5am, 5:30am, 6am, and 6:30am news are the same as each other. Our 5pm and 6pm news are the same (5:30, they show the national hews half hour, and 6:30 is still like Access Hollywood and Wheel of Fortune). Our 10pm news doesn’t say too many new things (we don’t have the 11pm news). Channel 4 also does a 4pm news, which mostly seems to be lifestyle stories.

So you can get news programmes all day here, yet not much news. Not much drama here. So I wanted to tell you some of the TOP STORIES of the day and other important news we’ve heard in my nearly 3 years here.

  • The university basketball coach is taking a leave of absence. Many follow-up stories about his leave of absence were the top stories of the day.
  • A woman on the university basketball team died. This story was run before what was the big story in most cities, which was about a number of trampling deaths at a Wal-Mart (it was the holiday shopping season).
  • A cat named Robert was hurt in an apartment fire. This wasn’t a top story, but this story has two amazing features. 1) They didn’t ask for any money, but people who say the report sent in enough money to pay the cat’s $6K of vet bills. 2) A year later, the news reader says, "Remember Robert the cat?" Well, I did, and they did a FOLLOW UP story on how Robert the cat was doing. He’s evidently OK. Fur grew back. :)
  • Going to our NBC affiliate’s website right now and clicking news, I am shown these stories in this order:
    • A Tucson woman was robbed at the mall.
    • A local woman died after giving birth to triplets.
    • Our state universities will see a tuition hike.
    • Bush’s plan to deal with the subprime mortgage crises (this was the fourth story under "news")
    • The health department sent a man with TB to jail.
    • The continued debate over whether an illegal border crosser who saved a little kid’s life (on the American side of the border but was sent back to Mexico) be given a work permit because he is being hailed as a hero.
  • Going to our ABC affiliate’s website right now and clicking news, I am shown these stories in this order:
    • Homicide detectives found human remains in concrete on the south side of town.
    • Our basketball coach will not be back this season (the leave of absence story).
    • We may get rain on our big Fourth Avenue Street Fair this weekend.
    • A local woman died after giving birth to triplets.
    • Ground will soon be broken on what will be the area’s biggest shopping mall.
    • House fires happen around hte holidays!
    • The Rodeo Parade needs to make changes after last year’s death and the accidents that happened the year before.

These are the types of stories we see, which means that unlike in NY, I can watch the news here. Not so much drama. Way less carnage. I am so happy with our news as it’s watchable and mostly not depressing! I love the news readers bantering. They seem to be having fun. Maybe that’s because 10 people are watching rather than the millions in the big city markets.

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One Response to “Our Top Story Today”

  1. Jen says:

    This reminds me of Fresno news a bit. Right now the lead story on the 11 o’clock news is the fact that Mervyn’s is staying open until 2am for the next three days.
    I wish I was kidding.