Our News Anchor Likes Yoga

Wednesday, 10 August 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

This is one of those things that makes me feel that Tucson is a small town. We evidently have a million people spread over around 600 square miles, but we’re the biggest thing around "southern Arizona." I grew up in the suburbs of New York City, so this is a small town to me. My area of Tucson has a population of 40,000 spread over 30 square miles.

We’ve fallen in love with the sheer confidence exuded by our news anchor, Guy Atchley. All of his commercials for his news are very compelling. Guy is writing the news. He’s researching the news. When a commercial is on, he is re-writing and checking the facts. He’s been reporting about the monsoon for 20 years. He’ll keep you safe. "He’s the accurate guy. The reliable guy. The guy to trust. He’s Guy Atchley," as the commercials say.

Since we moved here, we loved that Guy did the news basically alone. The 5pm and 6pm news was wholly read by him, and he’d throw it to a weatherman. One day, the weatherman was out, so Guy read the weather. He was super confident about that one!

Guy’s personal website will tell you that he got into yoga 7 years ago and is now a yoga instructor. That means I can go to a Guy yoga class. Can you take piano lessons from Sue Simmons? I didn’t think so. Yes, that’s Guy to the left, right off his website.

But something changed. On Monday, August 1st, Guy’s not reading the news alone. A very young woman named Jennifer is his co-anchor. We’re outraged! Guy should be able to read the news himself. I wonder if the station will receive complaints. Guy’s clearly a Tucson institution, and the only anchor I’ve ever seen read the evening news alone (for months).

I think Guy’s got a good but very local marketing machine going. He’s available to speak at events, he hosts the local MDA Telethon each year, and you can take his yoga class. He’s the grooviest.

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