Owners Locker

Friday, 29 June 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

This looks like a clever idea.


The idea seems to be this. You have a timeshare, or you vacation in the same town every year (say Orlando, FL). Every time you go, you have to pack so much stuff just to survive there… sunscreen, bug repellant, maps, books, water toys for the kids, and other things for living in that time share.

Now, you can get a "locker" delivered to your resort and picked up when you’re done, and it’s all yours. You can store your stuff so that you don’t have to keep packing it and travelling with it. It’s already there for you, and hey, you’re going there anyway.

They want $99/year. I think that’s a bit high, but if you have multiple kids and often have to travel with lots of snorkeling stuff and buckets and shovels and things you may only use that once a year OR hate packing and travelling with, then it may be worth it. I think that they should have levels of service since what I may want to store for a room with 2 adults may not be the same as someone with a spouse and 3-4 kids.

But it seems clever.

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