Palm Pre Backup and Restore is Impressive

Wednesday, 22 July 2009 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Yesterday was NOT a cool day for my Palm Pre. After taking a small tumble, the case wasn't cracked, but was no longer sitting correctly. It couldn't be snapped back in. Man, my HTC WinMo phones took many more WAY worse falls, and lived. So I am a bit concerned on construction here.

But I did something weird for me, and I took insurance on the phone when I got it. So I went to the Sprint Store. Showed it to the girl, who went, "OOooooo!" Like ooo, this is bad. I had called that morning, and she said to backup my pictures and any music I've put on the phone. I did. I also hit the "backup" button the phone has, though I didn't know what it did.

I went to Starbucks and got my usual. By the time I walked back, she was just about done reprogramming a brand new phone. Not worth them trying to fix, I guess. Brand new phone. The phone asked for my Palm account. Well, I didn't really know what that was for. I only knew I was creating one when I first got the phone. But having NOT downloaded the desktop software, I didn't know what having the Palm account really did.

So I log back into my account on the new phone, and it says it's downloading. Minutes go by, and then it reboots. When it's back, it's just amazing.

What's there:

  • All of my email settings… I had put in 5 email addresses, and it started sync'ing those accounts, and downloading my mail.
  • My Google account to sync my contacts and calendar, which it started doing.
  • All the apps I had downloaded.
  • So within minutes, I had all of my contacts, calendar, and emails freshly sync'ed. It was NICE.

What's not there:

  • My desktop wallpaper. Easy to reload and assign.
  • Preferences for ring tones, both the main one, and ones I had set for contacts.
  • Settings inside the apps I had downloaded. For example, my Twitter app was there, but it didn't know any of my accounts.
  • I'm hoping that future apps can have some sort of import/export settings so I don't need to redo all my settings if I ever have to factory reset.

But this was impressive and a welcome relief when I think about what it was like after factory resetting my Windows Mobile phones. Note that the Palm automatically syncs with Google accounts… so I have an app sending my Outlook contacts and calendar to Google every 15 minutes (and receiving anything my phone has sent). The Palm syncs periodically, so both are always updated. That's niiiiiiiice. :)

Thanks, Palm. I started out nearly hating you, and ended up converted again. :)

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2 Responses to “Palm Pre Backup and Restore is Impressive”

  1. Tom G says:

    I had mine crash but the friggin thing did not retrieve squat. Like nothing was ever in there. Useless POS in my opinion. Give me back the syncing so I can keep track of my own friggin stuff. Or make it accessable to us online. I am beginning to hate palm at this point. Lost a ton of stuff that is never retrievable.

  2. Jen says:

    Stumbled across this while trying to figure out how to restore my backups to my just replaced phone. It activated, but didn’t restore, which is really not happy-making.