People in Boston are Strict

Monday, 13 April 2009 at 2:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I've lived in Boston a few months now, and the one thing I've noticed is that people are strict. People are often humourless, and lacking flexibility. Deadlines are really hard. I'm used to Arizona, and I'm also used to NOT treating people like that. I'm used to BEING flexible, so I often expect others to be flexible.

I belong to groups. Last week, I realised I could make an event the day before the event. It was a new group, and I was only one of 4 people attending, including the organiser. I decided to change my RSVP to NO so I could see my husband's band play. I got a message the next day that due to unforeseen circumstances, the organiser of the group had cancelled the event and completely closed the group. The end. No first meeting. No group. ?!?!?

Another group I'm in charges $10 for each person to go to the event. I had RSVP'ed yes, but forgot to pay. The organiser sent out an email last week saying that if you didn't pay $10 immediately, she would go in and manually change you to a NO RSVP. I emailed her to please not change me, and I would pay some time the next day.

9:40am the next day, I get an email that my RSVP was changed to NO. She had set it so that nobody could change that to YES. You could keep it at NO, or you could change to "waiting list," neither of which prompted you to pay her stinking $10. So now I'm trying to figure out how to pay this and be considered a YES.

Jeez, strict.

Last week, I was driving down a street that was 2-lanes in my direction. I was trying to follow my GPS, and was not familiar with where I was. I was in the left lane. All of a sudden, the left lane I was driving in had a left turn arrow. I was surprised, and didn't feel like I had time to make a decision. There was a cab right next to me, so I'd have to hit my brakes, signal, and move to the right lane. I noticed that both lanes continued after the intersection, which was weird. So thinking I had no time to do anything else, I just continued through the intersection.

Lights started flashing. I was pulled over by the police. They told me it was against the law to be in a turning lane and NOT make a turn or NOT get out of the lane. I broke a law. Talk about strict. I explained to the officer that I was trying to follow my GPS, I was driving along in the left lane, and suddenly, it had a left turn arrow. I couldn't merge onto the cab, and I just continued through the intersection.

She let me off with a warning, but it was a sad experience that made me think this town is just really strict. No room for mistakes. No room for someone following a GPS to have her lane turn into a turning lane and not get out of that lane.

This town is really strict. I hope I find the fun and flexibility at some point.

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One Response to “People in Boston are Strict”

  1. tula says:

    Boston’s really not all that bad. I’d say you’ve just had a string of bad luck, especially with the cops. Boston drivers are notorious for making up their own traffic rules and getting pulled over for something so minor is relatively unusual. Not to mention, Boston has lots of streets with surprises like that. Wait until you hit the ones that go from being one-way in one direction to one way in the opposite direction. Plus, most of the streets are laid out on old cow paths — nothing really planned or organized about the layout of Boston. Makes life interesting, for sure :-)
    I think the cops are also being a lot fussier lately due to revenue shortfalls, so they’re using any excuse to pull people over. My brother hangs out in a bar here in the Boston ‘burbs that a lot of cops frequent, and they’ve told him that they’re being “encouraged” to write more tickets to bring in more money.
    As for the meetup groups, I know the one you’re talking about. I was toying with possibly joining it myself. There’s a surprising lack of any kind of eBay-related groups around here, so it was encouraging to see that one pop up. I have too much going on to organize something like that myself, but was hoping this one would work out. I think some people let the power go to their heads with these things, though. I’ve seen it happen with other groups.
    People hereabouts are not as free-spirited as other places (except for Cambridge :-) but it sounds like you’ve been encountering the worst of them. I think people in general are a bit more morose and cranky lately. Lots of them are either out of work (like me) or working insane hours in the hopes of keeping their jobs. Kind of hard to smile much in those scenarios. Give it time, though, and I’m sure you’ll meet some of the fun ones before long.