Personalized License Plates

Monday, 5 December 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Personalized license plates here are really cheap, so a lot of people get them. Many are religious. Someone in our neighbourhood has "JSUSAVS" (you can’t fit more than 7 letters). The best I saw so far is "HEYSOOS," which I like to pronounce as "Heeeeeey, Soos!" Of course, it’s phonetic for the Spanish pronunciation of "Jesus." I can only imagine what plates that person went through before choosing HEYSOOS.

Today I saw a few custom plates. A woman in a convertible with the top down (and it was darn cold today) had a plate LUVSSUN. Another guy had this plate:


I spent minutes trying to figure out what that is. I tried saying it all kinds of ways. And I finally landed on "No Pee Stains." I guess it could also be "No Pistons" but I wasn’t sure what that means. I know what "No Pee Stains" means.

Weird. Weird local plates.

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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5 Responses to “Personalized License Plates”

  1. Kyle Bennett says:

    No Pistons could mean he was driving a Mazda. The RX-7 at least had what is called a “Wankel” engine, (, that has no pistons. I’m not sure if their newer models still have this.
    Our license plate is “IEBAY4U”. We’re a TA in Tucson.

  2. Debbie says:

    Oh you’re local! I haven’t seen you plate around. Our plate is AS WAS of course. :) We’re an eBay Certified Service Provider.
    It MIGHT have been a new Mazda. It was a funny-looking car I hadn’t seen before. Thanks for explaining that!
    I still prefer “no pee stains” of course. :)

  3. Kyle Bennett says:

    “Oh you’re local!”
    Yeah, I guess I never introduced myself properly. I think my partner Sally (Going1nce) has spoken with you on the phone. I stay more or less behind the scenes and let her get all the glory ;-).

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi, Kyle! I have spoken to Sally and look forward to meeting both of you when it’s a little quieter here. Maybe Xmas week. :)

  5. Kyle Bennett says:

    Sounds great! I leave it up to her arrange the meetings with clients and other people, since her schedule is more hectic and more fluid, and mine is pretty well fixed (still have a full-time job, yecchh!). I’m looking forward to it whenever you two can work out a time.
    BTW, the second story on my blog (political, not ebay related) has an interesting story regarding our license plate and another local TA.