Pet Food Recall

Wednesday, 21 March 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

The news is all over the TV about the recall of pet food, foods that are KILLING pets. There are two weird things here.

1) After hearing about the food killing pets for months, the manufacturer evidently fed the food to 50 pets, I guess just to check. 7 animals died. Don’t we have a better way of determining if the food is killer?

Remember when spinach was hurting people? Did that manufacturer test it by feeding it to people and seeing what happened? So why is this OK?

2) I went to their website to try to learn about the recall. Here’s what I saw:

You can click to enlarge that, but it’s what it looks like. The home page says Product Recall. Under that is NOTHING. No text showed up. No links. I tried Internet Explorer and Firefox. I asked one of my staff, who uses a Mac, to check it. He got the same thing.

Thanks, Menu Foods. Thanks for the helpful recall info! Evidently the real info is at

For those of your worrying about my pets (such as the dog on all the pages at, they are fine. Rita the dog is fed Trader Joe’s soft food and Nutro crunchy kibble, which is not in the recall. Mickey the cat (not on the website) is fed Trader Joe’s Tuna For Cats and Nutro crunchy kibble, also not in the recall.

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2 Responses to “Pet Food Recall”

  1. ValerieH says:

    I feed Petey only dry food, so that was no worries for us. Ever since I had a dog eat canned food and then barfandpoop behind mu door, so when I opened it coming in from work that evening, I SPREAD it in a nice arc across my carpeted floor, I’ve been not-a-fan of wet food. Lucky for Pete, he likes the Iams, or Beneful, or whatever he has right now.
    Do your pets ever go on strike with their food? Pete will go about 6 months (maybe 5 bags of food) on a brand then he turns his nose up. He generally accepts whatever new type I pick out. Weird, huh? Well, he is the World Famous Psycho Dog.

  2. With more and more pet food being recalled (esp from China), homemade dog food is the best! With commercial producers looking to cut cost and ignoring quality, our pets are being harmed!
    Check out this review on canned dog food –