Pin the Tail on the eBay Listing Price

Monday, 1 June 2009 at 10:01 am Pacific USA Time.

I'm just sitting here in disbelief…

First Auctiva goes from free to paid, and the prices seem a bit high. That's news.

Days later, they email their users trying to get them to not leave, asking them to prepay a year for $180. That's news.

Vendio announces that users leaving Auctiva can have Vendio free this year and cheap next year. OK, that's news, but what about all the rest of the Vendio users? I imagine there will be backlash from thousands of people who'd like to get Vendio for free this year and cheap next year. How will they handle that? Now those people might leave!

It also sets up the new users for another pricing change… and they would have just left Auctiva because of a pricing change. Their Vendio price will go up in 2010 and 2011. So this is weird.

inkFrog announces that they've been $9.95/month, and they promise to stay $9.95/month for at least another three years. Given that so many sellers are asking to NOT have prices switched on them, this is news. This should be tweeted and blogged and out there. People need to know this, but one person thinks this isn't news… so Vendio's announcement goes out, Auctiva's announcement goes out, and inkFrog's doesn't go out from this "source."

eBay sellers think this is news. They're thrilled that someone isn't going to play pricing games with them. It's so rare that a company in this industry is not messing with their customers that that IS news. Think about how many services have been sold (Andale, Marketworks) or just decided to terminate (Mpire, ChannelAdvisor Pro). How many have raised prices and not grandfathered people in.

Consistency should be news, and a company being fair to ALL of its customers, not just the new ones, should be news. Our industry should have more consistency and honesty!

Help spread the word. Tell people about inkFrog's price lock by tweeting and blogging about this announcement, found at


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