Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich?

Monday, 10 May 2010 at 5:37 am Pacific USA Time.

A new TV commercial shows happy, healthily-sized children playing safely. One guy is setting up a lemonade stand type of thing with Pop Tarts.

A cartoon girl asks for a Pop Tart ice cream sandwich. The cartoon showed 2 Pop Tarts with a scoop of ice cream between them, then flattened to make a sandwich. I decided to calculate the calories.

A Pop Tart typically has around 200 calories. A sccop of ice cream typically has around 250 calories. That means your Pop Tart ice cream sandwich, as shown in the commercial, would be 600 calories.

I then wanted to look up how to burn calories. To burn 600 calories, a 70-pound kid would have to…

  • Ride her bike as a casual speed but non-stop for 3 hours.
  • Do light cleaning around the house for 7 hours.
  • Sit and watch TV for 19 hours. That might be the same for playing video games.
  • Swim around a lake for 3 hours.

Seems like a lot of empty calories to me. Why not make an ice cream sandwich by cutting one Pop Tart in half and putting in half a scoop off ice cream? That would be 325 calories. That's a great snack size. And it's important to be thinking about this if you have one of the millions of kids who are overweight, gaining weight quickly, or mostly sedentary.

I'd probably suggest something better than a Pop Tart anyway. Why eat something terribly overprocessed and full of chemicals. Maybe a graham cracker would be better? Just wondering.

Disclaimer: I don't eat Pop Tarts.

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One Response to “Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich?”

  1. Just do your daily exercise and losing calories won’t be a problem.