Posting to Other People’s Facebook Business Pages

Friday, 8 January 2010 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Yesterday, we blogged about an OOPS where an online seller I know found some Facebook pages that looked devoted to what he sells. So he joined them, and when he was holding a sale, he promoted that. He figured hey, the people who are "fans" here tend to like what I sell, they'll want to know about my website.

Seems like a good marketing idea.

Except that the Facebook pages he was on were owned by a jeweller who had created them to promote HER website. So the pages look like they're for people who like cufflinks, but they're really there to be a subtle vehicle to push her website.

OK, also seems like a good marketing idea.

And the two collided badly because her pages were, on the surface, so subtle that the seller I know thought they were just general fan pages. He posted his promos, the woman who runs the pages lost her s**t, and thought someone was sabotaging her business.

Well, she had a zillion reactions available to her, and she chose to start trying to sabotage him. Not OK and not cool. He didn't post his promos to sabotage her. It was just a mistake. Two marketing ideas colliding.

How this could have gone…

If you find a Facebook fan page that looks like it caters to your target audience, contact the people who run the page, and ask if it's OK for you to join, participate, and promote what you do or sell. They may or may not be OK with that, so it's best to get permission first. If you don't hear back, don't take that as a yes. Take that as a NO, and do not post to their wall or anything.

If they say yes, ask if there are any guidelines they need you to follow. Sometimes, they want to limit how much promotion you do, the type of promotion, etc..

So like any online discussion board, make sure you are welcome. You never know when someone else's Facebook "fan" page is really a marketing vehicle for someone… and you don't want to wander into that territory by accident or on purpose.

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