Pregnancy Test Commercial

Wednesday, 27 June 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I was just flipping around TV while folding laundry, and stumbled upon the no-thinking-required SoapNet channel, which typically reruns some soap operas. This means that their commercials have the same target audience as the soap operas.

A commercial for the new version of a home pregnancy test came on. I knew the product and brand, but hadn’t seen this commercial yet. It was a very serious announcer talking over footage of the product at various angles. He kept talking about how advanced their new pregnancy test was.

Finally, he says that this is the most advanced technology you will ever pee on.

I thought that was damn good and really funny. Thank you for making a pregnancy test commercial have some humour and life. They’re usually morose and scared ("I don’t want a baby right now") or they’re syrupy (people crying at being pregnant). So this commercial should stand out from the others.

OK, maybe the simulated urine stream on the product was a bit much, but I still thought it was good for standing out from the rest of the commercials.

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Categories: That's Good Marketing

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