RCN Tries to Charge Me $656 Million

Monday, 17 August 2009 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

It appears that an internet bill in my name didn't have its final bill paid in Boston. I went to the RCN website to finally pay the bill. It was about $37.

I put in my banking information, and then I got this email (stars are in place to protect my info, but the email only had stars in my bank account number):

Dear Title Lastname

Payment for account number 005509***:

Your bank account number *********, routing code ***00024, Account Name As Was could not be charged $656,***,***.00.

Thank you for using My RCN.

Huh? RCN tried to charge me 656 MILLION DOLLARS? Really?

And then I looked closely.

They tried to hit my bank account for the amount OF MY ACCOUNT NUMBER, which is why I had to put stars in there to show this to you. I have a 9-digit account number beginning in 656, and they tried to charge my bank account over $656 MILLION.

FAIL. Not enough words for fail. And did they get their $37? Evidently not yet because they were too busy trying to charge me the GNP of a third world country.

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