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Wednesday, 25 May 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Seth Godin, the Lord and Master of modern marketing (well, according to us and everyone we know who’s into marketing), has a new book out. All Marketers Are Liars. I took that personally until I read it, and I agree with what he’s saying. Marketers have a social responsibility to NOT lie to consumers, yes even in the name of selling items and making profits!

We stand out (again) for not lying. We don’t lie in what we say about ourselves, and we won’t let our clients lie in what they want to say to their customers. It’s a shame that this approach makes us stand out! It should make us one in a million, but it doesn’t.

The best things about Seth’s books are that they make you think about marketing… the marketing you see and experience as well as what you put out there. They force people stuck in old ways to throw away outdated marketing ideas, and they present how to market in today’s society. These ideas have changed the way we’ve presented our company, and we can see direct successes from taking Seth’s advice. It’s not easy, but it’s not so hard. :)

Seth’s message is not so different from ours in this blog. We want to applaud people who found positive ways to connect with their audience, and we want to shame companies who treated consumers like idiots, did a poor job advertising, or are telling some sort of lie. There are plenty of lies out there, and we will be adding some interesting ones to the blog in the coming days.

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