Selling Information Products on eBay

Wednesday, 24 January 2007 at 9:04 am Pacific USA Time.

I just read a blog post from someone that evidently some of you still trust, and his message was that you should be selling information products on eBay. What is an "information product?" Mostly an e-book. Why not just say e-book? E-books require no storage or shipping, probably no support or attention, and according to these websites, they’re just endless money-makers!

I’m here to tell you to not do that. Why not?

  1. You’re one of a zillion people doing that. Some just read the same website did about selling information products. You’ll have new competition every day. Anything presented as THAT easy is going to attract people like wild. That’s great for the guy selling you something that’ll help you enact his recommendation!
  2. Many people sell these just to build their feedback. I see this as a form of fraud. It would be like gaining a reputation around your town as a wonderful dentist, and then starting a plastic surgery practice. You may not be the best plastic surgeon, so is it right to ride off your reputation as a dentist? This is basically what you’re doing when you "buy" positive feedbacks for buying or selling cheap items like e-books, and then embark on selling different items, especially those of greater value.
  3. eBay agrees with #2 above, and is starting to crack down on people they feel could be building their feedback through the buying and selling of e-books. If you care about not being suspended on eBay, you’ll want to NOT do this! It would be great if the "eBay Expert" who told you to do this knew that eBay is cracking down on this… wouldn’t it.

Remember, if it’s presented as easy and nearly effortless, and if the person presenting it has something to sell you, look out. Be really careful. Do your research, and don’t just believe everything you read.

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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2 Responses to “Selling Information Products on eBay”

  1. Skip McGrath says:

    Hi Debbie:
    I suspect your post was about my product How To Create and Sell Information Products on eBay. I happen to agree with everything you say in your post about selling cheap eBooks. Unfortunately that is not what my product is about. If you read my post again very carefully and click through to the sales page, you will see that I cover much more than eBooks, in fact I have a whole section in my product dealing with selling printed material as well as DVDs, videos, pod casts, music, digital and printed photography. And I stress the concept of creating real value and charging a fair price for it.
    Some of the projects my readers are now doing include a woman who has developed unique methods for teaching reading to autistic children, a fellow who developed a way to polish scratches out of glass (he makes money repairing the work of vandals who scratch store windows), a man from Georgia who has a collection of blues music recordings he has made over the past twenty five years that he is packaging and selling.
    As I said I agree with you –there is no future in selling 99 cent ebooks. They can be used to generate leads or build feedback and that is about all they are good for. And, as you say eBay is cracking down on that and I suspect they will find a way to stop it. However, eBay does realize the value of digitally delivered goods and has set up policies to allow and regulate the sale of these goods. I guess the point I am making is that just because something is delivered in digital format, that doesn’t mean it’s crap.
    If you would like to review a copy of my book, please send me your address and I will be glad to mail you a review copy.
    Skip McGrath

  2. Debbie says:

    I don’t want a copy of your book, thanks.
    I am not saying all e-books are crap. Many are. And something is wrong when people are writing to me/calling me asking if they can please have copies of my e-books so that they can resell them… because they’ve been reading that’s how to make money. Selling and/or reselling e-books. Evidently easy money according to some trusted experts.
    Remember that some of the people who buy things from you then call/email me. I just might be hearing very different things that you do. You attach your name to a lot of stuff, and some of the things to which you are attaching yourself I think could hurt you in the short and long run. But that’s just one person’s opinion.
    Are you advising the woman writing the book about teaching autistic people that she may have no market on eBay since who is coming to eBay searching for that? Additionally, selling e-books to build feedback is a manipulation of the system, and it’s fraud. But you seem comfy giving that message that e-books are good for building feedback. I hope you don’t mind if I strongly give the opposite message.
    You know who your target audience is. You know what you are presenting to them, and you probably know how well it’s working based on which of your products they buy and how big your affiliate checks are.