Custom and Unique Template Design

Our templates are designed to be the one and only template you use for your eBay listings. Since we start each project from scratch rather than selling you the same thing every client gets, your template is totally you and totally yours! Our contract clearly says that you own what we design, and when the project is over, you’re welcome to all of the original files that went into our work.

Our template package comes with unlimited revisions during the design phase of the project. Once you approve it, changes can cost extra. But while we’re still designing, you re never charged for revisions. We design until you’re happy. Since we charge a flat fee, it’s in our best interest to get it right the first time. :)

We’ll also rewrite and edit your policies and the standard language that will show up in every listing. This is designed to improve DSRs as well as to reduce the number of pre-sales customer service questions you get. The more informed your buyers are, the more they trust you, the fewer questions they ask, and the more their expectations about the transaction match what you’re actually going to do! Happy buyers!

Once you approve the template, we “slice” it into HTML, CSS, and images. We can code the template to work with listing management software including Seller Sourcebook, Solid Commerce, Vendio (the new Vendio or Lister Pro), Kyozou, ChannelAdvisor (aka Marketplace Advisor Premium), Infopia, Marketworks (aka Marketplace Advisor), Inkfrog, Blackthorne, and Auctiva. We can work with any software that can take custom HTML templates, which seems to be everything on the planet except Turbo Lister. If you’re in Turbo Lister, we’ll help you choose the right software for you, and give you great tips on moving into your new home.

A design isn’t worth much if you’re not using the right eBay strategies to get your listings found in eBay searches! Each template package comes with an hour of consulting time so that we can help you improve your eBay strategies so that you are selling more while spending less on fees.

What more can we possibly throw into this package? How about lifetime unlimited support! If you ever have a problem with your template, contact us. We’ve been in business since 1995. We’re not going anywhere. We’re happy when you’re successful, so call or email us any time.

To see some of our template work, visit Case Studies: eBay Sellers.

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