eBay Stores and Custom Store Pages

We believe that the best eBay Store designs should do three things only but do them well. 1) Brand you. 2) Streamline the shopping experience. 3) Get good keywords in there so Google and other search engines can pick you up. The last time eBay gave out Store awards was in 2008, and our MsssKel’s Place won for Best Standard Store.

You think you want an advanced Store design? You’ve seen Stores that really blow eBay out, and look more like eCommerce websites? eBay told us to not design Stores that way. They found that people are so used to how eBay Stores look and lay out that when they get to an overdesigned Store, they can get a little lost and confused. Think about what works best for your shopper. Does she need to see a home page with a giant collage? Does the eBay Store need more columns and clutter? We don’t think so.

eBay takes this seriously enough that overdesigned Stores actually are breaking a rule called “Site Interference.” However, if you really want something more advanced for your eBay Store, we can do it. We just suggest against it, and so far, 100% of our clients have agreed that they’d rather show a shopper something that immediately makes sense to her than to show her something cluttered she might have to stop and try to figure out.

Our Simple eBay Store Design service includes the following:

  • The custom 310×90 Store graphic based on your logo or something we designed in your template.
  • A custom Store header based on what we designed for your new template.
  • Rewriting/editing your the Store description based on a blurb you provide.
  • Reorganizing your custom Store categories (if we both agree they need that).

    We can create custom eBay Store pages that you might use for your policies or breaking down your items further to improve the shopping experience. Custom Store pages must be quoted based on what you need them to do or be. The price shown here is for a typical custom Store page.

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