Template Add-On: “The Matrix”

Some As Was templates have a center area that says something like, “Click To Shop By Category.” This is an optional add-on that we call The Matrix. The matrix uses pictures and captions to showcase your most popular/exciting categories, groups of items, or brands. Each matrix “item” links into whatever that is in your Store, just for what that “item” is. For example, a matrix “item” showing hubcaps will link to just your hubcaps inside your eBay Store. Hey, every click on the matrix is a click your shopper didn’t make on the back button to go back to search results!

Think of it as a visual table of contents. We don’t believe that categories should be a list of words down the side. First, nothing should compete against your item’s pictures and description. Someone searched for this. They want it. Let’s sell it to them. Second, people don’t like to read lists of words, so side columns of categories are often ignored.

Our clients report that the matrix brings them more Store traffic, and often, more multiple sales (someone buys two things instead of one). The matrix designed to accomplish three things:

  • Make the shopper aware of what else you tend to have.
  • Get them excited about your brands and categories
  • Push them into your eBay Store.

The matrix comes in two flavors: 1-level and 2-level. Our 1-level matrix is where the pictures and captions link straight into the eBay Store. For our 2-level matrix, when the shopper clicks on a matrix item, instead of going into the eBay Store, a model pop-up window appears with sub-choices. This gives you a chance to build out your category hierarchy a bit, right inside your listing, and in a visual way that quickly appeals to customers.

Examples: (click to enlarge)

BayAreaPowerSports’ 1-level matrix.

LARoxx’s 1-level matrix.

ZigsAuto looks like a 1-level matrix.

Click an item to reveal the 2nd level of the matrix.

GolfBallsDirect looks like a 1-level matrix.

Click an item to reveal the 2nd level of the matrix.

The matrix is not a robot. It doesn’t understand if someone is looking at your listing for a hat, they may like the matching umbrella. It’s more like a table of contents. As it’s built into the template, it’s the same for every item you sell. We suggest that you think about your most popular categories, groups, and brands… ones that are unlikely to go away since the matrix is not tied into your live eBay Store categories. If you add a Store category, it will not show up in the matrix until we put it there. If you stop selling a product line, it will be in the matrix until we take it out. So we work with you on planning what should be in the matrix so you’re unlikely to change it often or at all.

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