Social Networking for Business

Social Media is what you make of it. It only takes one click for people to disconnect from you. Once they’re not listening, you may have lost them.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… can they really help your business? It depends how you use them! Tip number one? Use them! Just setting up accounts doesn’t mean anybody is interested. Tip number two is to remember that people love to interact. They want to be heard. Do not use social media to broadcast everything you’re selling. Make sure are you reading what people write, and writing back to them as fast as possible. Come drop a note or question on our As Was Facebook page, and see how fast we respond!

We can get you set up with tools that will make posting, monitoring, and interacting easier. If you don’t have the time or staff, we can completely manage your online brand for you. We can monitor what people are saying about you. We can monitor what competitors are saying and doing online, and what people are saying about them online.

For businesses with shops or offices, you might be wondering how to best get involved with Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook Places, Citysearch, and others. We can help there too.

We can design for social media sites that allow for custom design. And with our marketing background, we can help dream up campaigns, special offers, and contests to keep people interested in your business.

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