Silence and Secrets

Friday, 31 August 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

These are the two words I see the most in books, products, and websites pushed in the eBay industry. "Silent" and "secret." Basically, the idea seems to be that these products are so amazing, nobody knows about them, nobody should know about them, and they’re absolutely not drawing any attention to themselves at all…

Except when all kinds of people link to them in blogs, emails, and other places. :)

So what’s the secret? What is the secret to unlimited income? Despite my curiosity, I have not bought any of these. I’m hoping someone who has will tell us what these amazing secrets are… and if you now have unlimited, huge amounts of income and profit because of these.

I’m 6+ years in this industry, and have not yet ONCE met someone who said they made their living thanks to stuff put out there or recommended by the likes of Mike Enos, Skip McGrath, Jim Cockrum, Adam Ginsberg, and the like. I love how when you hit Adam’s site, he tells you he’s sold over $20 million eBay… yet he forgets to mention how much of that his cohorts won in shill bidding. He forgets to mention that he’s been permanently suspended from eBay since mid-2004. And I just heard that Skip was basically chased off of a message board when he wouldn’t answer questions about a MLM service he recommends.

An eBay "expert" is recommending a MLM system to people? Huh?

To me, the biggest secret is what most people really think of these people passing themselves off as the experts that you have to read and go see. The silence is from the people who know what these people have done, and aren’t putting it out there in public so that others will stop getting hurt. I’d like to see the silence and secrets all go away, and let’s expose people where that may be appropriate.

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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3 Responses to “Silence and Secrets”

  1. Jim Cockrum says:

    I understand your skepticism, but don’t lump us all in together like that. I can speak for myself and say that I became well known and grew a following because of the success stories I’ve created along the way with my unique approach to eBay and Internet success.
    I’ve got hundreds of testimonials and over 900 happy members on my membership website. The eBay opportunity is real, but you have to see eBay as a source of leads and long-term customers instead of selling one item at a time to one person at a time. Information products in varios formats make a great high profit product to add to ANY mix of products you sell on eBay or the Internet. This stuff works and I’m sorry you haven’t met anyone using these ideas before.
    Visit this page to see some of the feedback my best selling book has gotten. These are all real testimonials:
    Attend ebay live if you can. I’ll be happy to meet you in person and introduce you to as many people as you’d like that credit me and my books at least partially for their success on eBay and the Internet. If you’d like a complimentary copy of any of my products in exchange for publishing this post to the web drop me a line- I know you have a choice to block this comment or publish it.
    Don’t get too worked up about the word “secret” or “silent” – those are marketing words that sell books…it’s the content that you need to judge.
    Jim Cockrum
    Best Selling Author

  2. Attend eBay Live if I can? You’re an eBay expert, and you’ve never heard of our company? I’ve been to every eBay Live so far, and we have exhibited every year for the last 4 years. I spoke at 4 of the sessions at this year’s event. Do YOU attend these? Where’s your booth? At which sessions did eBay have you speak?
    As for your testimonials, I too can direct you to my grandmother, who will tell you how great I am. :) I don’t plan to believe your testimonials. Anybody can put positive comments from somebody on their own website.
    I have met people using “this format.” They are usually calling me asking for advice on being a better eBay seller. I usually embarrass them when I ask why they’re not using the advice in the “information products” that they sell. Evidently, they’re either not reading these or the advice doesn’t work. Do you still recommend information products when eBay is cracking down on sellers on information products, which they are?
    As for best-selling books, I’ve seen some of the methods used to make a book best selling. Also, best selling where? Best compared to what? How long was which book on the NY Times best seller list?
    I’m not worked up about the words as much as I’m worked up about people paying for things that don’t help them in the long term. People waste a lot of money with eBay experts who eBay doesn’t see as experts and that I am most of my colleagues don’t see as experts. I therefore lump you together with all of those people who I feel lack integrity.

  3. Jim Cockrum says:

    I’ll look for you at the next eBay Live. Sorry I haven’t heard of your company. I guess I need to spend more time on the vendor floor at ebay live! (If you really want proof I could send some pics from Vegas and Boston ebay live) ;0)
    You have every right to state your opinions – it’s just unusual to see someone ripping me up online. I’ve gotten pretty used to testimonials versus bad reviews from folks that haven’t read my books! (and yes, the testimonials are all real – that’s quite an accusation you’re making there)
    Again – my offer stands. I’ll send you any of my books or materials free so you can post an unbiased review in your blog. I’ll even give you a free 5 day pass to my members only site so you can see why 900 people pay every month for access to my team of creative content, videos, articles, and experts! Just let me know…
    Best wishes on your continued success.