Social Networking, 1930’s Style

Tuesday, 30 March 2010 at 5:39 am Pacific USA Time.

I've been thinking lately about how anything got done before all this "social networking." I've been thinking about how did people meet the people they ended up marrying. And that brings me back to old-school social networking.

Few of my friends met their spouse in high school or college. Most met them at or through work after college. Typically, it was that their co-worker knew somebody they should meet.

I thought about my grandparents. On one side, Rose met Arthur because he was the hosiery vendor in the department store where she worked behind the jewellery counter. On the other side, I believe Abe met Lee because he was friends with Lee's oldest brother. Lee's oldest brother married one of Lee's friends.

This made me think about what social networking used to be, which was about rippling out circles. Using today's technology, we don't ripple out as much as leap into other circles. And I am at a circle disadvantage. With no siblings to introduce me to anybody, and no traditional work environment, I'm a pebble without a pond!

Based on the idea that some of the best connections are made from who people know personally, my idea is to tell everybody who will listen to me :) what I am looking for in a guy. Statistically speaking, somebody I'm friends with and trust will know someone he or she trusts that fits my description. I'm going to use new media to do old-school social networking.

I hope you'll join my experiment. :)

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