Social Networking: How Many People Connect Deeply?

Tuesday, 23 March 2010 at 7:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I’ve been having an interesting email back-and-forth with someone I’m trying to get to speak at the next RocketPlace event (3 & 4 August, totally online!). The guy wasn’t sure he can do it, and then emailed me last night that he’s not sure it’s worth it to him because he only wants to speak where he can get more clients for his business.

I have read that given today’s social media technology, something I say can quickly spread to 3,000 people… between who reads my blog, twitter, Facebook, text messages, emails, and then who tells THEIR friends. 3,000 sounds weird, but it’s possible. I have nearly 400 FB friends. Around 1000 people follow me on Twitter. I have hundreds of LinkedIn contacts. People stumble on this blog.

Even though something I post may be pushed to around 2000 people, let’s use low numbers for our example. Let’s say that something I post “deeply” reaches 100 people (5%), who get excited and want to share what I said. And let’s say each of those 100 people reach 20 people, who are really excited about what they see. That’s 2000 people who felt “deeply” connected to something I said… not counting people who became aware of it but didn’t go bonkers over it.

Based on the tweets and other posts I see from my network, I know that when people hear a speaker they like, they spread the word. And I know that when my friends post something I find interesting or exciting, I post it… which means it now ripples out to my whole audience and network. All within minutes.

So this guy has the chance to connect with my conference audience multiplied by 3,000. Maybe 2,000. But still heaps of people.

That’s how I see it when I am speaking or being interviewed. Hey, the people listening may not need me, but chances are, they know someone who does. And if they like me, they’re going to make that recommendation. I want that recommendation! So I take pretty much every speaking opportunity that comes my way. Why not ripple out everything I can? Why not take the opportunity to proudly say that certain events or shows wanted me to speak?!

The interesting thing about that is that he has decided not only that
NOBODY in the audience will ever hire him, but that nobody in the
audience KNOWS ANYBODY who will ever hire him.
As he emailed me, he only wants to speak where he’ll get more clients for his business. Maybe he is psychic!

Sure, I want more clients too, but I know there is value to marketing, visibility, and awareness. I have never seen anybody in my network posting about this guy… which means they may not know about him… which means this could be his chance to get exposure to heaps of people who don’t know who he is. I wanted him to speak for a half hour. How much exposure or new clients would he have to get for a half hour of speaking from him home or office computer to be worth it?

Given what this guy does, I think people WOULD spread the word about him, and someone WOULD hire him. But he’s pre-decided that hundreds of thousands of people won’t be interested in what he does. 

If he doesn’t want the gig, I’ll find another speaker. :) He’s not the only guy who knows a few things about this topic. I can give someone else the exposure.

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One Response to “Social Networking: How Many People Connect Deeply?”

  1. This is one power of social networking. It has the ability to spread like a virus to thousands of people online. if only used properly, this is a very powerful tool.