Soda or Missles

Friday, 21 July 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

News from 5 July:

Three people have been arrested and charged with stealing confidential information from The Coca-Cola Company and trying to sell it to rival PepsiCo Inc, United States federal prosecutors said in Atlanta today.

The suspects include an executive administrative assistant at Atlanta-based Coke, Joya Williams, who is accused of rifling through corporate files and stuffing documents and a new Coca-Cola product into a personal bag.

Williams, 41, Ibrahim Dimson, 30, and 43-year-old Edmund Duhaney are charged with wire fraud and unlawfully stealing and selling Coke trade secrets, federal prosecutors said.

They are expected to appear before a federal magistrate judge on Thursday in Atlanta.

Glory be! We have North Korea launching missles just for kicks, and people are super wrapped up in Coca-Cola trade secrets… a new Coke product even!

Let this be a warning to all your would-be Coke trade secret thieves! Launching missles is OK. Taking papers from your secretary job is NOT!

I’m going to guess that Coke released this so that we’d all get excited and buzz about a new Coke product.

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