Some Things Shouldn’t Go On Post-It Notes

Sunday, 7 March 2010 at 11:36 am Pacific USA Time.

I heard a story today so heartbreaking that I wanted to find a way to share it.

A friend was telling me about a friend of his, who had recently died. The guy was still legally married to his wife, but they had been separated. They guy fell in love with another woman, and had been involved with her for something like 2 years. So this was the love in his life. But he was still legally married to the other person… hadn't sorted that out yet.

The guy (who died) evidently kept a lot of Post-It Notes reminding himself to do things. I'm under the impression that people at the funeral could see some of these (things he hadn't done yet, but planned to). I don't know how they displayed them, but evidently, you could see them.

One of the Post-It Notes said, "Change will."

My heart broke when I heard that. He knew what he wanted. And he never got the chance to do it. One call or email to a lawyer.

It's so easy to put things off, including important things, and especially legal matters. Few people like to call their lawyer or pay their lawyer. But one thing's for sure. Everybody needs a lawyer at some point in his or her life or death. Might as well be prepared. It's like having insurance.

Put "buy soy milk" on a Post-It, but don't put life-changing things on a to-do list. Just do them. My heart is STILL breaking at this story… he had such good intentions that now won't be carried out. Do not delay in getting something done that changes your and other lives.

That means getting healthier, filing that divorce, changing your will, getting that checkup… these things may be scary, but you need to do them. Do not put them on a to-do list for later.

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