Sunbird + Google Calendar = Disaster

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 at 4:15 am Pacific USA Time.

Alcohol and drugs. Drinking and driving. Sex and strangers. All things you shouldn't combine. Today, add Mozilla's Sunbird and Google's Calendar to that list.

I tried Sunbird. An email came in inviting me to a very confidential conference call. I accepted! Sunbird put it in my calendar. Sunbird started doing something wacky, and it looked like emails were going out. I stopped it. I thought it was stopped.

I was sync'ing with Google Calendar since my mobile phone syncs with Google Calendar, and it's a good wireless way to get all my appointments to and from my phone.

I didn't like Sunbird, so I uninstalled it. I now use a Thunderbird add-on that just syncs with Google Calendar. So that completes the triangle. Meeting requests come in as plain emails, and I manually make calendar events.

That was about 2 weeks ago. I found out today that Sunbird somehow decided this confidential meeting was MY event. It got sent to Google Cal as my event, so a Gmail account I don't use at all for anything started sending out invitations, and fielding acceptances and declines.

Obviously, I'm horribly embarrassed. This was a total tech snafu that I couldn't have seen coming. I apologise to everybody involved. It doesn't look like it's happened again since I uninstalled Sunbird.

People, please. Don't mix Sunbird and Google Calendar. Something just isn't natural!!!

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