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Need Help Changing All Your Live eBay Listings?

Friday, September 16th, 2011

eBay has made some changes recently that require you to make changes to every live listing… unless you’re going to take all your listings down and relist them. But then you’d lose some of your nice search placement. So you won’t want to do that.

The types of changes I’m talking about include:

  • Removal of email addresses.
  • Removal of outside and social media links.
  • Removal of sizes from titles. I think this is mostly for Motors sellers.
  • Making sure you have a clear return policy INSIDE your listings.

Some of our clients have THOUSANDS of items on eBay, and it’s hard to use those bulk revision tools when you don’t know HTML. But now, we can help!

Even if you’re not an As Was client, we can run our own “find and replace” tool to get the nasties out of your listings, and put in the good stuff. We can change as many listings as you need changed, and we can make multiple changes. For example, you might need your email out, your sales tax percentage changed, and a link to your Facebook removed. We can do it!

Our charge is $200 for every 8,000 listings you have. So if you have 21,000 listings, it would cost $600. If you are interested, please fill out our contact form, and let us know what you need. This service is first come, first served, and we’re doing our best to get everybody changed before the deadline in about 2 weeks. Also, please note that we can only revise items that eBay allows to be revised. Still, that should get most if not all of your items, depending on how you list.

If you need your template changed, even if we didn’t do your eBay listing template, let us know. Prices for changing wording in templates starts at just $50.

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