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Boss Bearing, an eBay Motors seller that still loves us!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

We love to hear from our clients old and new at As Was.

Boss bearing had their first encounter with As Was 2 years ago and kindly told us how happy they STILL are with our service. We give GREAT advice as our team is dedicated, on the pulse and most of all CARE about the clients that come to us. We want you to succeed in business, it is why we are here!

Terrific Marketing and Mentoring for all eBay Sellers!

Deb and her team at As Was were amazing! All of the advice she gave me along with all of her UX knowledge really gave us that nice bump in sales that we were looking for. It’s been over 2 years since our initial meeting and everything she forecasted has been dead-on. We used As Was for our eBay template and our website design. We continue to be very happy!

Tammy Slade

They came to As Was wanting a great eBay template with a mentoring aspect as well as the need for an online store.

They had key messages to convey to buyers about their free domestic shipping and great international rates, so these were given prominence within the design. We rewrote their policies and about us text as we do with all our template clients. They were glad to not have to worry about this.

The design needed to be gritty and edgy to appeal to their main customer base. The use of off road and landscape silhouette imagery spoke directly to their customers to give them a unique look and feel. The use of neon accents kept a youthful look.

This branding was then taken over to a Volusion store to expand their selling channels.

Want to grow your eBay business? A fellow eBay Motors seller? Let us know your needs and contact us.

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