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eBay Design, a cautionary tale….

Monday, February 11th, 2013

In talking to eBay sellers all over the world, you get to be an agony aunt when it comes to design troubles. These are some cautionary points based on stories from REAL sellers.

1. Don’t get locked in

A lock in is something you might find at an Irish bar and shouldn’t be something you find with eBay design. You need to be able to take your eBay design and use it with ANY listing tool with a template system or just though eBay alone. Say, you were an inkfrog seller for a while and wanted to move to solid commerce. In an ideal world you would take your template, change the place holders to match the new system and VOILÀ!

However, BEFORE you sign contracts and pay make sure this can happen. There are those companies who make it difficult or completely impossible to do this. Either with bad coding that only ‘works’ with certain systems or if they offer a design service as part of a selling tool you could lose your design investment if you move.

As Was templates can be moved by just changing place holders within the HTML and changing image URLs if your image locations change. Our templates also work with multiple platforms and still work on your iPad :)

2. The people in charge of your design have never sold on eBay

…and even worse, don’t even BUY off eBay.

Would you trust a driving instructor who had trained in the test center but never driven on actual roads? So why do this with your eBay design? I am surgically attached to the eBay app on my phone and have been a seller on eBay, this is WHY I make good decisions about your eBay business.

Check the experience of the person responsible for the concept. Question their decisions and put yourself in the position of your customer. The layout of your eBay template is EVERYTHING!

3. The design company is just a business, they don’t care about design…just $$$

Design is an art, a passion and so is eBay. You need to make sure you employ people to design for you who care about your business and not just about the money. When you investigate a company you need to make sure they are INTERESTED in design all the way to the core. If the Managing Director of a company has never been involved in design and their other business is insurance, then they are not for you. The culture of a company always starts at the top.

I hope this will help you make better decisions when it comes to choosing which design company to work with.



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