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eBay Cassini Search Update Needs Good eBay Design

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Here as As Was we love the eBay Cassini search update. It rewards good data and most of all good eBay design.

So what has eBay’s Cassini update got to do with eBay design anyway?


This update is all about relevance, trust, value & convenience. One of the crucial factors in this update is the ability to hold a buyers attention and close the deal. eBay are weighing up sellers and listings by comparing how many impressions they receive to how many sales they generate.

If your title and catalog/item specifics data is spot on they will find you.

Then comes the crucial bit. Your description layout, where your eBay design sits.

This part of the eBay experience can make or break a sale. If your buyer hits the back button as they can’t find what they need, that’s one more impression that out weighs a sale.

Our eBay designs are PROVEN to increase sales by increasing buyer conversions. We create that experience for your buyer to instill trust, show key information that may sway the buying decision, and have an overall pleasant experience while shopping.

A bad eBay design or description layout will soon start to affect your ranking in search. It is now more important that ever to get good advice and partner with an experienced eBay design company like As Was.

We shall be talking more about Cassini on our blog as there are important factors to consider around your entire eBay operation and not just design. We are a consulting company, we consider more than just your eBay template.


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