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Why WordPress should be your blog and NOT your e-commerce site!

Monday, January 21st, 2013

I love WordPress, I have used it for years and you guessed it, you are reading this on a WordPress based website. For me personally, it works really well as a standalone blog or used as a content management system for a business website.

The attributes of WordPress like easy software updates and the wealth of plugins make it IDEAL in many cases. However, not for e-commerce.

There are shopping cart plugins for WordPress but they just end up feeling awkward on the user side and even more awkward for the retailer. It seems easy at first, a one click install…but don’t be fooled.

It isn’t what you need.

It’s only just one step up from using Paypal buy now buttons with Paypal shopping cart. If you want to sell on a few bits, that’s what I would recommend.

You need an e-commerce system to be a serious retailer.

A dedicated e-commerce system gives you far more than an cobbled together WordPress site with shopping cart add on can. It can flex and move with your business needs as it only has one purpose in life. It is not trying to be jack of all trades and master of none!

To really succeed in business you need a well thought out layout in design and configuration to maximize your sales potential. You don’t want to waste any money spent on driving to traffic to your website because of poor conversion.

Here at As Was we have worked with many eCommerce systems over the last 15 years, and if we are presented with a new store system we can quickly adapt and design it for you. We don’t charge extra if we haven’t dealt with it before!

Why don’t you check out our case studies:

Case Studies: Websites and eCommerce

Drop us a line, we will give you an honest review of your eCommerce plans as well as suggest the best transactional website system for you.

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